SSF-Iran´s Statement about Social Situation of Iran:

To every bodies who have concern about Social development in Iran!

In the last days SSF-Iran decided to issue a statement to protest about many social problems which threaten the society of Iran. I summarized some phrases of that in below. It has published by Persian words. This is the first reaction by Iranian sociologists against their concerns as agent and structure:


In follow of increasing social problems in Iran and sentencing scholars and sociologists to jail, SSF-Iran have issued a statement for Islamic Republic authoritarians as a warning. In this statement there are two important subjects:
1. In the Iran society there have been increased many social issues such as:
  • Poor ( more than 9 millions live under poverty line)
  • Deprivation of children from basic education ( more than 3 millions under 18 old years)
  • Working of children ( more than 1.5 millions) and abusing of them in the informal and unsafe conditions
  • Unidentified children without any national ID ( more than 80,000 children)
  • Militant abusing of children as the revolutionary force as titled Basij especially in the schools
  • Children harassment ( 30% of 1-5, 20% 6-11, 10 % 11-18 years old in the country)
  • Children marriage ( more than 700.000 ones in which 60% are girls)
  • Execution in the public spaces ( more than 200 persons in this year)
  • Poverty of women who are in charge of their families ( more than1 millions households)
  • Gender discrimination and violence against women ( 67% of all women observed at least on time violence) within family, job & society
  • Coerced veiling and covering of women and arresting of all girls and women in the street because of unveiling
  • Malnutrition of children ( short height of children in some regions at least 10 cent. )
  • Stoning of women just for sexual relation and love!
  • Spread of prostitution and sex smuggling to neighbor countries i.e Dubay ( approximately 300.000 women and girls)
  • Increasing unemployment ( more than 4 millions) and detaining of some of worker and teacher protesters
  • Censorship of books, and products of producers in the cultural, artist, and scientific fields by the government
  • Filtering of Internet, satellite, video network, medias, radio and TV
  • Ideological selection system in the base of the doctrine We and Others in the job, study, management for exclusion of all other thinkers
  • Religious discrimination against some minorities such as Baha'i s(more than 300,000 and send out of 200 students form universities), Sufi's ( arresting of more than 170 persons) and Jewish (25000 persons)
  • Segregation of ethnic minorities in the political participation and their languages between Kurds, Blucher's, Turks & Arabians and strengthen of ethnic conflicts
  • Increasing of addiction and drug smuggling ( more than 5 million addicted)
  • Children living in danger of addiction (more than 2 millions pupils)
  • Increasing Suicide rate ( 1700 children and 14000 adults in 4 years!)
  • Murder recording ( more than 7000 cases in 4 years) and chastity killings( more than 400 cases)
  • Violated conducts with criminal people and torture of the min the public
  • Suppression of women, workers, teachers, students, writers, journalists activists and extend arresting of them
  • Emigration and brain drain ( more than 100,000 high educated persons per year)
  • And more other violation of Human Rights in Iran..
These examples have many pathological consequences on the justice, freedom ,democracy, development, welfare, security and health being in the now and future of Iran.
2. In scientific society of Iran there are many limitations and censorships such as:
  • Threaten of independent thinkers, writers and academicians especially sociologists such as Dr.s Tajbakhs, Bozorgian, Delaram Ali, Razzaghi, Baghi,
  • Sending out of some others such as Dr.s Tavasoli, Bashirieh, Vosoghi, Asgari, Namakdost and Jafari just in this year
SSF-Iran is warning to all leaders and decision makers in the top political level positions i.e Khameneii and Ahmadinejad to their dys performances and their actions on the society, national security, human rights, and scientific freedom. These actions bring up the religion in front of science and it would be so humanist catastrophe to Iran. In this critical situation of Iran in the world in which the nuclear power and technology will take Iran to a new militant attack by US and his alliances in EU by leadening of bushism, we sociologists invite all Islamic authoritarians and politicians to give priority to internal problems and find their solutions and prevent from every social and militant threatens to Iran.

Ali Tayefi
President of SSF-Iran
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