1. Alberto Moncada Lorenzo,Spanish citizen,; Judith Blau, USA citizen,; Isabella Paoletti, Italian; Karina Rodríguez, Chilean; Paulo Martins, Brazilianl; Ali Tahefi, Iranian; and Linda Deustchmann, Canadian, gather to constitute the International Association "SOCIÓLOGOS SIN FRONTERAS" (Sociologists Without Borders"). The promoters of the association, members of SOCIOLOGOS SIN FRONTERAS in their respective countries, decide to create the International Association to coordinate their activities in a global level.

2. The Association bylaws will be the following:

Article 1°: The Association "Sociólogos Sin Fronteras Internacional" (Sociologists without borders International) (SSFI) is established for unlimited time at the address: Comtat 60, Gandia 46730, Valencia, Spain with the purpose of doing research, study, share and disseminating the new ways and principles of a new Sociology Without Borders – cosmopolitan, public, critic, with a compromise on the defense of Human rights in the global era. The Association will do research, promote meetings, especially at an international level, will publish documents, papers, books and fulfill other ways of communication, including the ways that can be developed through Internet and will cooperate with groups sharing the same goals. SSSI research will try to understand how globalization victimizes people and will work in solidarity with people who are victimized to draw attention to their problems.

Article 2°: Any social scientist can be part of the Association who share these goals and who want to participate on its formulation and diffusion, regardless of their nationality. Sociological Associations can be members of SSFI. SSFI will also work as a coordinator of national association of "Sociólogos Sin Fronteras" which would like to join.

Article 3°: Members can be from any nationality. Every one of them should be accepted by the Executive Committee., and the Executive Committee has the power to remove them as members.

Article 4°: All members will constitute the General Assembly of the Association, deliberative, which will be ultimate responsible for the activities of the Association.

Article 5°: The organs of government of the Association are the Executive Committee and the International Council. The Assembly will have a session at least once a year, appoint the members of the Executive Committee and foster the goals of art.1. The assembly as a deliberative organ will promote the aims defined at the article 1°. The Executive Committee functions will be administration, accounting and documentation of the Association and will gather if a simple majority of the members or the President requires to. Meetings of both organs by Internet will be allowed to conduct their business.

Article 6°: At the foundational act, the promoters will appoint a President of the Assembly and a Chairperson (President) of the International Council.

Article 7°: The Association is constituted with an initial deposit of seven hundred Euros, contributed in equal parts for the seven founder members. The associative year will coincide with the end of the natural year. The Assembly will decide its dissolution when the purpose/goals are achieved or the absolute majority of the members require it.

3. This foundational record is signed for each of the promoters on May 30th, 2007 and will be the only document with all signatures.

4. The signers appoint Judith Blau as Chairperson of the Council and Alberto Moncada as President of the Executive Committee at his foundational record and later on will proceed to appoint the other members of each organ according to the bylaws


Saibene said...

I'm learning sociology. But I don't understand very well english... I will look for some information about the Association in spanish...
see you!

Anonymous said...

Puedes conseguir la informacion en espagnol en www.sociologosinfronteras.org
y en ssfinternacional.blogspot.com
Juan Olivas

Shamshiri said...
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Anonymous said...

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